Our Brands

  • Introducing our new urban mens' gift range. Hardwarelab
  • Living Light Candles are handmade from natural plant and beeswax in Golden Bay, New Zealand. These stunning icicle candles burn in a unique way to create a beautiful architectural result. Living Light Candles
  • THINKING GIFTS is the leading book related gift and accessories range in not only the UK, but also around the world. With multiple ‘Gift of the Year’ awards, the THINKING GIFTS range is successfully stocked in the world’s leading book stores. Thinking Gifts
  • Beautiful authentic Italian leather journals hand made in Florence Italy. Belcraft uses the finest leather, every journal comes gift boxed, available in both refillable and non refillable formats, in 3 best selling colours. Belcraft Leather Journals
  • Ambiente is Europe's fastest growing Luxury paper products brand. With Production facilities in the Netherlands, Ambiente are renowned for producing High quality 3 ply European Napkins. The range is extensive and offers a wide range of Images and designs from everyday basics, Contemporary designs, Fabulous Florals, Food, Occasion themes and seasonal ranges Easter and of course Christmas Ambiente
  • Over 30 years experience and knowledge goes into each and every cracker. Founded in Devon around a humble kitchen table the company has grown continuously specialising in premium crackers. Celebration is now one of the UK’s leading brands supplying many of the UK’s famous retailers including: LIBERTY, HARRODS, SELFRIDGES, JOHN LEWIS. The Ridley’s range of novelty crackers are one of Celebration’s biggest hits. They also have one of the largest range of catering crackers for functions, clubs and restaurants. Celebration Crackers
  • CELEBRATION have a huge range of catering crackers for your Christmas event. Each comes pre-packed in either boxes of 50 or 36, ready to use at your event. In a range of styles, sizes, contents and prices all with a hat, snap, joke and gift they are ready to go – we keep ample pre-season stocks. Celebration Catering
  • Istituto Fotocromo Italiano produce an extensive range of Vintage Italian calendars, wraps, cards and many other stationery items. Yes, these days there are me-toos in the market but this is the real thing. They have been family made by the Balocchi family for three generations who still live above their small factory in central Florence. Istituto Fotocromo Italiano
  • Legami are Italy's leading designer range of diaries, calendars and notebooks. Based in Milan they offer a huge selection of calendars and diaries with very design driven covers in a wide range of formats to meet all tastes and price points. The NEW MyNotebook range is one of Europe’s bestsellers and the NEW Quanderni notebooks are on trend and exceptional value. Legami
  • LEGAMI are one of the world’s leading lifestyle diary and calendar brands featuring a huge range of contemporary images and diary formats. Legami Calendars & Diaries
  • Legami’s design studio in Milan has created Italy’s leading Gift range now growing in popularity worldwide. Every item comes cleverly packaged ready for impulse display. Product categories include: SOS gift, Travel range, Vintage Memories games and gifts, tech products, fun stationery and much more. Legami Gift
  • Kartos is a famous Italian stationery company founded in Montecatini Terme near Florence by royal decree in 1940. This 70 year old company continues to use traditional production techniques of copper plate making and hand engraving by its craftsmen to produce its famous stationery. Kartos products are embellished by gilding using powdered gold - a complex technique which is today very rare in Italy, indeed the world. Of course the result is a beautiful range of gold foiled stationery for which Kartos is famous. Kartos
  • With its design oriented writing utensils for students, young people and for those young at heart, ONLINE has become a trendsetter in the industry. Now one of Germany’s leading pen brand, with a funky range of fashion barrels for Fountain pens, Calligraphy, Ball pen and Roller ball and a large selection of inks and refills, ONLINE is one of the world’s fastest growing pen brands. Online
  • Rubinato is another long established Italian family company. Francesco Rubinato's father started this family business opening a fine stationery and pen store in the northern Italian town of Treviso in the 1950's. Francesco Rubinato
  • ROSSI 1931 is a famous Italian family company founded by Antonio Rossi in 1931. The company is still owned and managed by the Rossi family after 3 generations. Their factory is located near Florence and the beauty and history of Florence inspires much of the ROSSI 1931 catalogue of stationery and paper products. ROSSI

Trade Show

The Paperie presents its brands and range at all the major Gift and Homewares trade shows.

Aug 2021

29 - 31 Aug

Auckland Gift Show – New Zealand

Hall 3 – Auckland Show Grounds, Epsom, Auckland

STAND 3072

Our Charity

The Australian Mitochondrial Disease Foundation

Here at The Paperie we have a precious family member affected by Mitochondrial Disease. So through our business we try our best to raise money for the Mitochondrial Disease Foundation in an effort to help them continue searching for a cure and research into this debilitating disease.

One small step we have taken to help raise funds is every time you pay our account using your credit card we match the 1.5% bank charge fee levied on that payment with a donation to the MITO foundation. In a small way we hope this helps make you feel just a little better about paying the fee when you pay by card (please remember if you would like fee free payment the direct to Bank EFT are free). On top of this small contribution we also raise significant funds for the MITO foundation from our business and also by our participation in MITO Fund raisers like ‘The Bloody Long Walk’.

Just briefly Mitochondrial Disease is a genetic disorder that robs the body’s cells of energy. Over time this can cause multiple organ dysfunction and potentially death. Mitochondria are the energy source in almost every cell in our body. They are most plentiful in tissues that require a lot of energy to function and therefore damage is most common to the brain, heart, muscles, liver, inner ear and eyes.

About Us

The home of artisan paper, stationery and gift brands

Martin and Christine Burton

Our aim is to bring you the very best quality leading artisan paper brands from Europe and around the globe. In a world where all too frequently there is a sameness to what is available, our focus is to seek out the authentic. We source fine stationery goods that are original. In our eyes this product has a value never matched by the me too’s or the mass producers. It’s made with passion, it’s made with flair and it’s often family made – artisan stationery is a way of life!

Perhaps there is no better example of this artisan approach than our range of vintage Italian calendars, wraps and cards. They have been family made by the Balocchi family for three generations who still live above their small factory in Central Florence. Lorenzo’s Nonno started production 90 years ago and they still produce the original, authentic vintage Italian stationery range on beautiful embossed Italian paper.

We look forward to working with your business to bring your customers authentic artisan paper goods from Italy and around the world.

Looking for a Partner in Australia and New Zealand?

If your brand fits our portfolio and you expect more from your distribution partner, please send us an email and we are happy to talk about a partnership.

The Paperie have sales representatives in all major Australian and New Zealand cities, a national accounts service and exhibit at all major trade shows. We do more than just sell, we help market and establish your brand in Australia and New Zealand.

Martin has over 25 years experience as a Marketing and Sales Director for some of the world’s best brands including Sony, Kodak , Nestlé and Konica Minolta dealing with all of Australia’s leading retailers. Christine has worked extensively for many of the world’s leading Pharmaceutical companies including Roche and Sanofi. We apply that corporate experience together with extensive experience owning retail stationery businesses to create a boutique brand marketing and distribution company.

Contact the Paperie for a different distribution experience.

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